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San Gimignano, inhabited since Etruscan times, gained fame and power on the cusp of the Middle Ages because of its location on one of the most flourishing and rich roadways of the time: the Via Romea or Francigena.

Its glorious medieval past is evidenced today by the 15 surviving towers and building works dating back to the communal era such as the double walls, the two gates, the fountains, the churches and many of the public and private buildings that crowd Piazza della Cisterna and the charming Piazza del Duomo.

Today, as in the Middle Ages, San Gimignano has not lost its characteristics as an artisan, bourgeois, but above all peasant town. The main sources of income are still: wine, oil and saffron.


Not to mention the charm and 'romantic atmosphere of yesteryear, consecrating it a must for national and international tourism. You just have to visit it!!!

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